Assistant Salon Coordinator, Marketing Coordinator, Front Desk Coordinator
Driven by her fascination with hair and her journey toward loving her natural locks, Aleca joined the beauty industry and became a part of the Dapper & Dashin’ team. Here she thrives being a part of the fast-paced environment and busy atmosphere, while nurturing her interest in hair. Aleca’s creative, detail-oriented and personable nature allows her the opportunity to step into leadership roles such as marketing and presenting, as well as helping other members of the D&D staff achieve their own goals. In the next five years she sees herself creating marketing content full-time for Dapper & Dashin’, while keeping up with her reading goal of completing twelve books yearly. Aleca’s favorite quote by Sonia Choquette seems to summarize her outlook on life: “Your own words are the bricks and mortar of the dreams you want to realize.” Next time you’re at Dapper and Dashin’, stop by the front desk and ask about her cool thumb trick!

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