With a passion for diversity and a career that spans over 2 years, Alyssa brings a unique and edgy style to Dapper & Dashin’. Inspired by a childhood fascination with men’s hair and by her desire to explore the world of women’s hair, Alyssa has found her niche in men’s hair and facial hair. Alyssa’s approach sets her apart – she is known for being personable, creating a safe space for clients to express themselves. A master of the unexpected, Alyssa has embraced the resurgence of the mullet, turning a once-disliked trend into one of her top five favorite haircuts. Beyond the salon, Alyssa enjoys a bustling life as a mother to a 7-year-old daughter. Cheer, tumbling, and gymnastics fill their days, alongside painting, playing with their dogs, and indulging in ice cream and slushies at the park. Alyssa’s vibrant personality is complemented by a surprising fun fact – she’s a natural redhead, a detail often hidden beneath her ever-changing, bold hair color choices. A leap of faith led Alyssa to the world of cosmetology –transitioning from a healthcare role to become a trusted stylist. Her most rewarding moments come when clients leave with a renewed sense of self and a genuine smile, a testament to her dedication to creating positive and memorable experiences. Step into Alyssa’s chair and let her creativity and expertise transform your look, making each visit to Dapper & Dashin’ a unique and enjoyable #dapperanddashinexperience.

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