Men’s Grooming Expert
With a career that spans over 25 years, Ben’s journey into the world of hairstyling was not just a choice; it was destiny. From cutting friends’ hair at a young age to evolving into a seasoned barber, Ben’s connection with the craft has been unwavering. At Dapper & Dashin’, he brings a wealth of experience and a passion for the art of hairdressing that has only deepened over time. Ben’s favorite aspect of being a barber goes beyond the shears and clippers—it’s about the relationships he builds. For him, each haircut is an opportunity to connect, creating bonds that transcend the typical client-stylist dynamic. Describing his personal style as that of a freestyling maverick with a solid technical base, Ben’s look often prompts people to think he’s either a barber or a tattoo artist. It’s a style that mirrors his approach to the beauty industry—unconventional, authentic, and full of character. As a barber, Ben doesn’t limit himself to a particular type of haircut; instead, he’s all about the art of cutting hair, primarily for the dudes. He thrives on versatility and brings a wealth of experience that makes him adept at handling any hairstyle with ease. What sets Ben apart is his maverick approach to the craft. Balancing freestyle creativity with a solid technical foundation, he ensures each haircut is a unique and tailored experience for his clients. While Ben has countless success stories throughout his career, he considers every moment that leaves a client happy a memorable success. For him, the real reward lies in the satisfaction and joy he brings to those who entrust their hair to him. Beyond the salon, Ben’s favorite pastime includes indulging in different genres of music and trying different snacks. A fun fact about Ben is that when he was a kid, he thought he was Arthur Fonzarelli. Step into Ben’s chair at Dapper & Dashin’ for a personalized haircut and an amazing #dapperanddashinexperience with a seasoned maverick.

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