Owner, Hair Stylist
For Jacob, the journey in the beauty industry spans 16 incredible years, marked by passion, precision, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. As the founder and visionary of Dapper & Dashin’, his dream was to craft an experience rooted in the 4 P’s—Professionalism, Personability, Passion, and Precision. Connecting with clients on a personal level is Jacob’s favorite aspect of salon life. Listening to their desires and turning them into reality fuels his commitment to delivering exceptional hair transformations. With a background as an educator for a decade, Jacob’s technical expertise shines through in his structured cutting and coloring foundation. From short pixies to classic bobs, and from tailored fades to lived-in textured haircuts, his expertise encompasses a diverse spectrum. His expertise extends into the realm of hair color, where he excels in creating everything from lived-in blondes to vibrant, unicorn-inspired hues. His approach stands out for the time he invests in connecting with clients, ensuring their visions are not just met, but exceeded. Building relationships with clients extends beyond the salon chair for Jacob. Many clients have transformed into friends, and the trust forged over the years has resulted in enduring connections. The most rewarding aspect for Jacob is witnessing the success of his salon team. Dapper & Dashin’ isn’t just a salon; it’s a place where stylists achieve their dreams, and clients revel in the unique #dapperanddashinexperience. Over the course of his career, Jacob’s achievements have been monumental. From building a thriving clientele to becoming an international educator for SexyHair, he has traveled the world teaching his craft. The pinnacle of his journey is the establishment of Dapper & Dashin’ and his role as a business coach for Summit Salon. Beyond the salon, Jacob’s interests in travel and exploration mirror his adrenaline-seeking spirit. Whether skydiving in Hawaii, bungee jumping in Ecuador, or jeeping through the mountains of Colorado, Jacob’s zest for life and adventure shines through. Jacob, the creative force steering Dapper & Dashin’, is not just a stylist; he’s a visionary weaving dreams into reality, one cut, one color, and one adventure at a time. Step into Jacob’s chair at Dapper & Dashin’ for a truly transformative #dapperanddashinexperience.

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