Matthew’s story began in the middle of the Red Sea on a deployment. What started as a necessity turned into a passion for the art of hairstyling, leading Matthew to become a licensed barber for the past eight years. Matthew’s favorite part of working in the salon extends beyond the scissors and clippers. It’s the people—the clients he gets to know, the new faces he meets, and the sense of community that flourishes in the salon. Describing himself as a customer service-centric barber, Matthew goes above and beyond for his clients. Specializing in men and boy haircuts, beards, and face shaves, he’s always eager to expand his skills and explore longer cuts. A forever student in the world of hairstyling, Matthew’s approach sets him apart. He focuses on building genuine relationships with his clients, going the extra mile to understand their stories, and making each haircut a personalized experience. Moving to Dapper and Dashin’ marked a successful transformation for Matthew, a decision he considers a milestone in his career. What he enjoys most about building relationships with clients is the connection—memorizing details, asking about their lives, and creating an environment where everyone feels respected and cared for. Beyond the salon, Matthew’s interests are as diverse as his skill set. From spending time with his son Milo to working out, exploring new things, and learning about Cloud Engineering/Architecture, Matthew is a curious mind always seeking knowledge. A fun fact about Matthew is his love for the Spanish language. Fluent in Spanish, he not only serves Spanish-speaking clients but also enhances their experience by creating a sociable and enjoyable atmosphere. Step into Matthew’s chair at Dapper & Dashin’ to experience not just a punctual and dependable barber but a dedicated professional looking forward to bringing you the #dapperanddashinexperience. 

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