Lead Front Desk Coordinator
Embracing the world of beauty with open arms, Rachel, our Lead Front Desk Coordinator, radiates enthusiasm and creativity. With just over a year in the beauty industry, her journey with Dapper & Dashin’ has been nothing short of amazing. What sparked Rachel’s entry into the realm of style and beauty? A desire to immerse herself in the unique energy of a salon, contributing her warmth and organizational skills to the Dapper & Dashin’ family. For Rachel, interacting with clients is not merely a task but a joyous experience of seeing individuals blossom into their most confident and beautiful selves. Beyond the salon’s bustling atmosphere, Rachel immerses herself in the world of fiber arts. Sewing, quilting, and knitting are more than just pastimes—they are avenues of creativity for her. As the Lead Front Desk Coordinator, Rachel welcoming nature and her dedication sets the tone for a client’s salon visit making each interaction and hair transformation a meaningful memory. In her short yet impactful tenure, Rachel has become an integral part of the Dapper & Dashin’ family, infusing her warmth and creative spirit into every interaction.

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MON 8am – 8pm
TUES 8am-8pm
WED 8am-8pm
THUR 8am-8pm
FRI 8am-8pm
SAT 8am-8pm
SUN Closed


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