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Assistant Salon Coordinator, Marketing Coordinator, Front Desk Coordinator
Driven by her fascination with hair and her journey toward loving her natural locks, Aleca joined the beauty industry and became a part of the Dapper & Dashin' team. Here she thrives being a part of the fast-paced environment and busy atmosphere, while nurturing her interest in hair. Aleca's creative, detail-oriented and personable nature allows her the opportunity to step into leadership roles such as marketing and presenting, as well as helping other members of the D&D staff achieve their own goals. In the next five years she sees herself creating marketing content full-time for Dapper & Dashin', while keeping up with her reading goal of completing twelve books yearly. Aleca's favorite quote by Sonia Choquette seems to summarize her outlook on life: "Your own words are the bricks and mortar of the dreams you want to realize." Next time you're at Dapper and Dashin', stop by the front desk and ask about her cool thumb trick!
Men’s Grooming Expert
Ben has been behind the chair for 25+ years and counting. He believes barbering has always mattered; the connections he has made with his clients over the years is what keeps him going everyday. From his crispy lines to his sick fades, his specialty in men’s grooming is perception personified. Though his skills remain unmatched, he continues to be an advocate for learning and staying on trend. In the future Ben sees himself right by Jacob Rodriguez’s side, hustlin’ the brand.Fun fact about Ben, he once hacky sacked 404 times without stopping! He lives by Charles Bukowski’s quote, “Find what you love and let it kill you.”
Owner, Hair Stylist
Meet the man behind Dapper & Dashin’! Since the young age of 19, Jacob knew what he wanted in life and that was to change lives. From the moment you sit in Jacob’s chair to the moment you walk out the door, you know you’re well taken care of; you’re inspired by his charisma, and most importantly you feel at home. The everlasting relationships Jacob builds with his clients is what keeps his drive going; once you become Jacob’s client, you’re gaining a friend for life! His kind character blended with his upbeat and energetic personality make Jacob the epitome of what Dapper & Dashin’ is all about. Being the life of the party is a dramatic understatement for who Jacob really is.For over 13 years, Jacob has been perfecting his skills as a hairstylist and educating others under the world renowned SexyHair line. Though highly skilled in his craft, he continues to grow his knowledge by obtaining new techniques as well as strengthening his leadership insight. In the next five years, he sees Dapper & Dashin’ expanding and going mobile, and hopes for new business ventures along the way.In his free time, Jacob loves to be out in nature, mountain biking, hiking and offroading in his Jeep. A quote that resonates with him deeply is by T.S. Eliot, “Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”
Salon Coordinator, Service Provider
Craig Michael, known as simply Michael by his friends, is the salon coordinator of Dapper & Dashin'. With thirty years of experience in the beauty industry and twenty spent in management, it is no wonder that Michael is happiest when cutting hair. Formerly a salon owner himself, Michael dreams of using his experience to build Dapper & Dashin' into an empire that expands beyond Central Texas. Michael is a devoted family man, with a wife of twenty-four years, four children and a new granddaughter. His favorite quote is from a song he wrote: "I have so many different sides, the one with you I wanted to choose”. Michael is a musician and songwriter, he was once a little league baseball coach and he is obsessed with The Beatles. Next time you are at Dapper & Dashin’, ask him about his favorite Beatle.
Service Provider
Trinity knew from a young age that she wanted to pursue hair, fashion and makeup and while in cosmetology school she realized the power she had to unlock confidence in those around her. The blend of her talent with her personality make Trinity a Dapper & Dashin' powerhouse. Along with her favorites–coloring, color corrections, and balayage–she is also very talented with the blow-dryer, flat-iron and curling iron. Trinity's favorite quote is by Jeanette Jenkins: “You get out what you put in. If you want more then give more”. And that is exactly what she plans to do, with plans to push herself to become a leading service provider at D&D within the next five years. An actress at heart, she has enjoyed starring in the plays “Pride and Prejudice” and “The Wizard of Oz.” Next time you are at Dapper and Dashin’, ask her to quote a line from one of her plays!
Salon Educator, Service Provider
Emily Pearson has loved hair and makeup for as long as she can remember, so when her husband retired from the army, she jumped at the opportunity to fulfill her dream of becoming a licensed cosmetologist and extensions expert. She is passionate about transforming looks with blonding, coloring and extensions and enjoys teaming up with those around her to learn and grow together. As the salon educator, she is able to work out her talents in teaching and training, cultivating an atmosphere of hard work and excellence within Dapper & Dashin'. This is reflected in her favorite quote: "Never dream about success; work for it." She is a Winnie the Pooh fanatic, Bob's Burgers lover and a devoted pet parent with her husband of six years. Next time you are at Dapper and Dashin’, ask her to show you pictures of her pets!
Lead Front Desk Coordinator
Dapper & Dashin's front desk coordinator, Bailey, lights up the salon with her bright, beautiful smile. Her love for people and the beauty industry is evident in her dedication to her current role and will soon be expanded to working behind the chair as a service provider. Her passions include coloring and blonding and she will do whatever it takes to see her clients glow with confidence from their new look. While she already has an important role in the leadership team, Bailey hopes to advance to other coordinator positions within Dapper & Dashin' in the coming years. Bailey loves spending time with her young daughter, reading poetry and the Christmas season, which she believes should be year round. Her favorite quote, "Nothing changes if nothing changes," is a nod toward her passion and drive. Next time you're at Dapper & Dashin', ask her to quote her favorite poetry!
Service Provider
Amber has earned the reputation of being Dapper & Dashin's "Fade Queen" by giving consistently awe-inspiring fades to all who sit in her chair. She earned this experience from her more than seven years working on post at military barber shops. Though her barber services are what she is known for, Amber is equally skilled at providing colors and wax services as well. Whatever service her customers need, Amber's goal is always the same--create relationships with her clients while providing top notch salon care. One of her five year goals is to buy a country house with land where she will live with her husband. Amber's favorite quote, from the TV show YELLOWSTONE, is, "You are either born a willow or born an oak...that's all there is to it." She loves tattoos and raspberry pie and enjoys hunting deer and duck. Next time you are at Dapper and Dashin', ask about her cowboy boot collection!
Service Provider
Christine loves being in the beauty industry because it allows her to meet new people and have a positive impact on their lives. She enjoys learning new ways to pamper her clients and in the next five years her desire is to add to her knowledge and strengthen her skillset. Currently, styling hair is Christine's greatest joy, from complex braids to curls and waves. Her favorite quote is by Henry Van Dyke: “Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to”. Christine loves shopping, working out and dancing with her younger sister to Spanish music. Next time you are at Dapper and Dashin’, ask her to show you her dance moves!
Service Provider
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