Hair Stylist, Men’s Grooming Expert

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With over 7 years of top notch experience, Stephanie has always wanted a job where she could express her creativity and spread joy to people from all walks of life. She loves being able to transform her client’s day with just their hair. Her specialty is her relaxing Deluxe Beard Trims which include a hot towel and straight razor shave. Her skills continue to excite us as she works on fine-tuning her balayage technique and trending styles. In the next five years she sees herself continuing to #SLAY womens’ and mens’ hair in the chair and would be honored to be sponsored by a Barbering line. 

Fun facts about Stephanie!  She enjoys reminiscing about her summers she spent as a kid on a farm in Mexico. She’s traveled to almost half of the United States and lives for road trips. She’s an avid makeup collector, so much so, that she could wear a different pair of lashes everyday for a month straight (with still some left to spare)! Her favorite quote to live by is, “You are your ancestors’ wildest dreams.”

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