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Amber’s journey into the world of hairstyling was born out of her innate passion for art and a pursuit of happiness. After a year in college without finding her true calling, she took a bold step into the world of cosmetology, and for the past 15 years, she has been creating art with hair, still fueled by the love for her craft. Working at Dapper & Dashin’, Amber has found joy in the connections and interactions with her clients. What began as professional relationships often transforms into something more profound, resembling a tight-knit family. Her clients are the driving force that propels her to the salon each day. Amber’s personal style in hairdressing is versatile, showcasing her ability to handle both men’s and women’s hair. However, her niche lies in men’s grooming, particularly in the precision cutting required for fades and straight-edge work. Specializing in fades, straight-edge work on beards, and vivid colors, Amber stays on top of notable trends and techniques. Her passion extends to undercuts, beards, vivid colors, and highlights, allowing her to offer a wide range of services to her clients. What sets Amber apart is her love for the community feeling within the salon. Beyond being a stylist, she loves her clients like family, and she enjoys building relationships that go beyond the chair. She takes pride in not just styling hair but being a part of her clients’ lives, hearing their stories, and often becoming the stylist for entire families. In her career, Amber has experienced memorable successes, from clients thanking her for turning a bad day around to others expressing gratitude for recommending her as their barber. Building relationships with clients is what Amber enjoys the most, cherishing the camaraderie that comes with knowing her clients on a personal level. Outside of the salon, Amber’s hobbies include hunting, country living, attending concerts, decorating, and spending quality time with her dogs. A fun fact about Amber is her athletic background—she played softball throughout high school, even serving as the team captain during her senior year and was a member of the snowboarding team. Step into Amber’s chair at Dapper & Dashin’ for a grooming experience that goes beyond the ordinary and enjoy the #dapperanddashinexperience.

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